February 22, 2024

One constant element in poker is the fact that players cannot have all the information. You might know the content of your hand and what’s on the table, but you can never be certain about what the other players are holding.

What separates the professional players from the amateurs is the ability to read a poker hand. This article addresses how to work out poker ranges during a hand so you can put the skill into effect when playing at the top NJ online casino sites.

What is a poker hand range?

A poker hand range is the theoretical forecast of the composition of a player’s hand. It is only based on the available information and is a range of approximations that changes with every new card and bet.

The objective of the hand range is to narrow the hand to a range of combinations. As the game progresses, the poker range would depend on:

  • Betting action
  • Staking patterns
  • Size of wager
  • Player type

Identifying poker hand ranges

It is impossible to know your opponent’s hand, but you can follow the hand range and make reasonable assertions about the content.

At the start of a game, there is a wide hand range as the opponent can have any hand. However, when you see a player raise before the flop, they most likely have a good hand.

If the opponent has a history of being tight, then the hand is even stronger, and you should probably be looking at high pairs. On the other hand, if the opponent is a loose poker player, the hand might not be good. These types of players are the ones that go against what is recommended.

Moving forward with the poker hand ranges

After getting approximations of what the opponent has, you have to compare it with your own poker hand. Afterwards, you need to make a decision on whether to raise, call or fold.

Also, when the flop comes out, whatever the opponent does will reveal even more information. You’ll have to work with these forecasts to make decisions going forward.

Players have to pay attention to each opponent’s actions. The frequency of every action also reveals a lot about the other players.

The essence of poker hand range

The bottom line of poker hand ranges is determining whether or not there is a range advantage over the opponent. If an advantage exists, then you have a high chance of winning.

A poker hand range provides more clarity and precision to the gameplay. It creates higher profitability than the ‘cut-and-dry’ approach.


Most poker strategies boil down to reading a poker hand range. Once you have successfully read an opponent once, you put the player on a hand. You just have to look out for betting patterns in the previous bets and take advantage of them.