April 15, 2024

Online poker has grown and changed over the past few years. With new technologies, regulations, and poker sites emerging all the time, 2023 is shaping up to be another exciting year for online poker. Mobile poker growing steadily for years now, but 2023 could be the year it truly takes over as the dominant platform. Over half of all online poker is now played on smartphones and tablets, and that share is only expected to grow next year. The convenience of playing poker on the go is beaten.

Live dealer games gain popularity

플레이포커 머니상online lacks the social and human aspects that many players enjoy in live games. Live dealer online poker rooms attempt to bridge this gap by having real human dealers operate games in a studio setting which is then live-streamed to players.  Expect more sites to add live dealer options and for continued innovation in this space like VR and augmented reality integrations. Mastering live dealer games for a nice change of pace from standard online play.

Continued growth of poker streaming

The poker strategy streams and videos used to be a very niche activity. But live streaming play has exploded on sites like Twitch and YouTube in recent years. Many top pros now stream their play regularly to huge audiences. Streams are informative and entertaining for viewers while giving pros another revenue stream. Some streams incorporate commentary and interviews to provide an analysis of gameplay and strategy. Others focus on engaging in chat interaction. Expect poker streaming to continue growing. More players will stream, and poker platforms themselves may integrate streaming capabilities.

Legalize online poker

Online poker regulation continues to evolve around the world. 2023 could finally be the year more US states expand legal online poker. Pennsylvania already leads the way with online poker catering to its huge population. States like Connecticut, Ohio, Maryland, and others appear poised to legalize and regulate online poker as well. Opening these markets would be a boon for major poker operators. It also provides millions of potential new customers previously excluded from regulated online poker. Make sure to understand the legal environment, potential new site options, and rules for any new states that open up.

Better security and cheating detection

Security and cheating have long were concerns in online poker. But expect sites to leverage new technologies like AI to crack down even harder on bots, collusion, multi-accounting, and card-sharing. Things like hand history analysis, bet timing tracking, and shared device detection identify patterns of cheating with increasing accuracy. Be aware that any grey area tactics may come under increased scrutiny. Manage your playing locations and device usage carefully. While cheating crackdowns benefit honest players overall, anyone pushing the boundaries too far could get caught in the net. Play within the rules and avoid anything shady to stay safe.

Attention on problem gambling

Responsible gambling has seen more focus from both operators and regulators in recent years. Expect new safety measures, resources, and restrictions in 2023 to prevent problem gambling and addiction issues. Deposit limits, loss limits, timed restrictions, and self-exclusion are examples of responsible gambling features many sites now provide. Make sure you use any tools offered to control your play if needed. But be mindful that some limits may impact bonus eligibility and playing flexibility.