April 15, 2024

• To start playing slot games, you should start playing simple games first, for example, starting from a small Bet balance first, and then gradually increasing your Bet balance.

• Regardless of which slot games you play, before starting the spin Check the Bet balance first and most importantly, check the Play Table of each game to see what symbols are there. What is the pay-out rate for each symbol? What special features are there in the game? What is the payment format?

• Specify the investment amount. to be played each time and should be well planned how much to play each time Set daily, the better.

• Set the maximum amount. that can be played at each time of play how much to lose the maximum Then it will not cause trouble

• Whenever you can make a profit of more than 2 times the capital. stop playing immediately Don’t be too greedy, keep playing because you want more money. It’s best to stop playing while there is a profit.

• Choose to play slot games according to your own ability to play. Set a limit to play each time and if playing is losing Should not transfer more money to continue playing

• Techniques for playing betflix slots, the last one should play games for fun. Rather than obsessing over only winning because it will cause too much stress Have fun playing If you feel bored or start to get irritated when. It’s a warning sign that It’s time to stop playing.

• With each spin or spin of the slot wheel, Players should be able to determine how much spin per turn. For example, if investing at the amount of 300 baht, the player may use the money to spin at no more than 5 baht per eye because if spending too much money in each turn We will not be left with the number of spins that will give you more chances to win bonuses. That is to spin the wheel at least 20-50 eyes or more. Therefore, we will need to calculate the number of spins for each turn as well.

• To spin the first 10 turns of the game, start with a small amount first, for example starting at 2-5 baht if you can make more money to hundreds or about 2 – 5% of the investment amount. Then start increasing the number of spins (or bet balance ) so that we have more chances of getting free spins or other bonuses.