April 15, 2024

Kedaicasino has been a very trustable and popular soccer agent which helps in gambling and playing games related to football and soccer. Soccer and football gambling have been popularly played on the site https://www.kedaicasino.net. Thus, gambling and playing poker are played under limited boundaries. These regulations are to be followed strictly and rules should be followed. Let’s get to know some rules about playing soccer gambling online.

Rules and regulations followed by kedaicasino

Rules are generally made on depositing and withdrawal of money. Most of the problems involve matter of money. So certain rules are made for a smooth process. Some rules made are-

Deposit rules

  • Minimum deposit of IDR 10,000 is accepted.
  • Depositing of money can be done with only the registered member and not with other account name.
  • Deposits are mainly done through E-Banking or bank transfers.
  • Deposition of money cannot be done during offline gaming mode. Deposition of money should only be done within online modes and the money will be withdrawn within 24 hours of service.
  • After one deposit, the second deposit should be made of IDR 50,000 or more but not less than that.

Withdrawal rules

  • Minimum withdrawal of IDR 10,000 can be made.
  • Withdrawal of the money can only be made with the registered holder. The account name and ID should be of the registered member and then only the money can be withdrawn.
  • Before withdrawal of the money, a confirmation should be made with the CS of kedaicasino.
  • There in unlimited withdrawal of money every day that is there are no restrictions of withdrawing money in a day.
  • Withdrawal should be made according to the steps which should be followed.

There are certain rules which are made in programs like sportsbooks, Togel and casino. Thus, these rules provided by www.kedaicasino.net on the site should be strictly followed.