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How to Read Betting Odds and Make Correct Decisions

Probability of occurrence and non-occurrence of any event forms the premise of betting. You bet saying that a particular event will surely happen. If it happens, you win. The size of the bet depends upon how confident you are about the occurrence of that event. At any betting site like Betufa, you find the occurrences and the odds given to you to put money on stake. For example, if you are sure of the winning of Team A and that you find the betting odd given to you as 4/1, you can invest large amount to quadruple the amount you put in. this confidence comes from the research that you put in on any match or game.

Here are certain implications that you can draw from the odds appearing at the start or during the course of the match.

Odds tell you the likelihood of an outcome

Two teams are playing a match. One team is stronger and the other is weak. When you know that chances of winning of the stronger team are higher, the same is represented in the phrase that ‘odds are in favor of stronger team.’ But what is speculated at the start may not stand true till the end of the event. Since the football match is a kind of game in which situations change every minute, you may find a change in odds too. There is no fixed rule for the same.

High odds mean that chances of occurrence of a situation are high

Betting sites do a lot of research. They have a statistical back-up with them to tabulate the performance record of the teams playing. Any betting site saying that the team, say A, is likely to win by a higher percentage, will put it in terms of high odds in the favor of team A. The speculator may choose to bet against the favorite team also. Mostly, it is done while trusting the hunch and to make more money as the profit margin for betting in favor of unexpected events is higher. It is understandable because the risk is higher.

Determining the amount won using odds

The odd reading tells you how much you will make out of betting on any odd. Suppose the odd says an event will have odd 4/5. If you are planning to invest $20 on it, then your earning will be = $20x (4/5) which is equal to $16. This means that when you put $20 on stake, you will get the amount $20+$16=$36 as your take home value.

Moneyline is another way of reading the odds

Sometimes, instead of fraction, the odd is presented as a positive or negative number. The negative number indicates that the team is strong and its chances of winning are higher. Thus, if you bet in favor of a strong team, the payout is less. In terms of moneyline, the probability is shown as 100/135 if the moneyline indicates odds as -135.

So, be accustomed to the terminology as well as the odds reading first before taking a deep plunge into sports betting. This helps you know what exactly you are doing.