April 15, 2024

Free online casino chips have been used as a very common and widely popular strategy by most of the popular gambling platforms to draw in a heavier crowd for their gaming tables and it works perfectly as well, because who doesn’t like free bonuses.

With more people staying at home and the number of stress levels increasing in general with the current situation in play, it has led to an increasing culture of online gaming and rapid growth of all sectors involved. And if gaming is involved, how can gambling stay behind and not cash in on the opportunity.

With an increasing number of players online, the gaming experience has not just become fun but has increased manifold in the amount of competitiveness among the players and the sites providing the services as well.

Result of the competition

In conclusion, all this has given rise to the gambling sites and applications providing much more attractive offers for their newly registered members, to keep the balls rolling in their favor. One of the most popular ways in free online casino chips are to do so is by offering to join bonuses or what is also referred to as “welcome gifts”.

These gifts include a combination of free spins and a certain amount of cryptocurrency as a reward, for the player to start playing risk-free. The cryptocurrency becoming increasingly famous for these transactions is bitcoins.

Sites offering joining bonuses:

  • 7Bit Casino offers a welcome gist worth 4.5 bitcoins in addition to a total of 100 free spins when you get registered with them.
  • Play Amo Casino is one of the most popular bitcoin gambling platforms offering an instant reward worth up to 3,000 Australian dollars to new local players through a simple registration.
  • BItstarz: outperforms the above two sites by providing as much as 10,000 Australian dollars or 5 bitcoins and an additional amount of 200 free spins to keep you playing.