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Casinos around the world

To some casinos are just a leisure time indulgence, whereas to others, casinos are defining factor of their lifestyle. True, most people don’t take casinos and gambling all that seriously, but in many parts of the world it is highly regarded and loved. Casinos are revered in such countries even by the most elites of their society. Hence, if you ever happen to visit such countries make sure you take your time out and give their popular casinos a tour. True, for an individual strange to casinos, it can be an over-whelming experience, however, if one remembers to browse online websites such as the experience can be pleasant.

Cities with love for casinos

When we speak of Casino cities, the first thoughts that come to our mind are without doubt Macau and Las Vegas. Comes second are Monte Carlo, Atlantic City and London. However, there are other lesser known cities around the globe that share the same enthusiasm for gambling.

Reno, USA

Las Vegas can be too extravagant for some, but, Nevada has a comfortable substitute -Reno. Reno is often termed has the “Biggest little town” of USA. Reno used to be the gambling capital of USA, way before Las Vegas took away the mantle for it. Reno will leave you speechless with 20 casinos, across the city. Finally, by being in a close proximity to California, the crowd at Reno happens to be very decent.

Paris, France

Paris is probably better known for romance and its rich taste, but one mustn’t undermine it when it comes to gambling as well. At the very core, Frenchmen have a flair for a flamboyant and posh livelihood. Hence, casinos aren’t too far off. Paris doesn’t really excel in casino count, but when it comes to quality, the city receives decently high rollers.

Los Angeles, USA

USA has a very special connection with casinos and gambling. LA, is already a popular neighborhood with regards to Hollywood and the showbiz. Additionally being close to Nevada makes LA a ripe spot for casinos. The commerce casino and bicycle casino are two signature gambling establishments, the city offers.


Enough of the west, the east too, isn’t far behind when it comes to gambling. As a matter of fact Asians have a reputation for being gambling prone. And quite often China is regarded a gambling favourite over China. One such city that is a regular favourite for casinos in the east is Singapore. Singapore is a ripe tourist attraction around the year. There is no such thing as on and off season for Singapore. Although as compared to other major cities, Singapore is still in its initial stages. However, with the introduction of Resorts World Casinos and Marina Bay Sands, the gambling industry in Singapore has started to boom.